Kimberly Fry

Kimberly brings over 16 years of experience in yoga, personal training, and group exercise to Yoga Life KC. She holds AFAA, ACE, NASM, along with 200 CYT. She grew up in the world of ballet, dancing with the then Memphis Ballet. Kimberly has an understanding of the uniqueness of our bodies and how to adapt yoga to fit individual needs. Seven years ago she was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune condition that is commonly know as Bamboo Spine, due to the fusion that occurs. This condition attacks the connective tissue and causes a great bit of pain in major joints. Kimberly went undiagnosed for about 15 years. There was always an easy answer to the pain: "you are doing too much". After several tests, the rheumatologist gave her the diagnosis and told her, "Don't stop doing yoga". Being active saved her from the complications of an ugly condition. Kimberly has a very personal understanding of how activity, and yoga in particular, can keep you doing the things you love. This process has given her a real understanding of making the practice of yoga work for your physical needs and a knowledge that yoga looks different on everyone. She loves it when students discover how to adjust yoga to fit their bodies, instead of trying to fit into some version of yoga they saw in a picture.

Sally Whitaker

Sally Whitaker has nearly 15 years in the fitness and health fields. Sally has studied Pilates with Peak Pilates trainers Sonia Rodriguez, Julie Cook, Nancy Hurd, and Cherry Herzog. Sally is currently a classically trained comprehensive Peak PilateSystem trainer (2013). While studying exercise science from 2004-2007, Sally worked as a personal trainer at her local YMCA and as a physical therapy technician in 2007 and spent time working with patients at 3 different clinics. Beginning her journey to becoming comprehensively trained in Classical Pilates in 2007, she has been studying the classical Pilates work since that time.

Sally currently teaches Pilates equipment and mat classes, as well as Flow Yoga (2007), Piloxing (2013), and Indoor Cycle (2006). She also books as many private Reformer sessions and Personal Training sessions as possible. Sally's classes focus on alignment, strengthening the total body, proper technique, anatomy, and balance. Working with everyone from athletes to those with chronic health issues is all in the day's work. Her commitment, dedication, and passion to the Pilates work as well as overall body health allow her to be ever-enhancing her skills through continuing education and new areas of study.

Josh Roberts

Growing up in a family with chronic health issues, Josh became interested in health and wellness. Looking for answers, Josh started studying under several different teachers and masters, learning how the body works, and how our emotions affect our health and lives.

Cassandra Gillespie

With a background in dance, Cass wanted to find a form of exercise to maintain the strength and flexibility she gained growing up. Through practicing yoga, Cass found that and much more. After graduating from college, Cass went on a six-month trip to explore Southern Asia. While there, she was able to practice yoga in it’s birthplace, where it has been practiced for thousands of years and fell even more in love with her practice. She recently graduated from a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program and is eager to share her love for yoga with others.

Kelly King

Kelly is a 200 RYT. She was first drawn to yoga to add variety to her exercise routine. However, Kelly quickly fell in love with the calming effects and mental clarity, as she was able to slow her busy mind down during class and take that same practice into her day. After spending several years working in the corporate world, Kelly wanted to find work that would be more personally fulfilling and could positively impact the lives of others. She found the perfect fit by deepening her personal practice and sharing her passion for yoga with others. Kelly aims to bring the mind, body, and soul nourishing rewards of yoga to her students with classes that encourage physical and introspective exploration. When she is not practicing yoga, Kelly enjoys cooking for her family and building legos with her son.

Cathy Tadlock

Cathy Tadlock is a graduate of the 200 RYT from Zen Zone. She started her yoga journey a few years back searching for a way to add physical exercise into her busy life that wasn't in gym. Since coming to the mat, she has discovered so much more than anticipated; through her yoga practice, she has less stress and fewer migraines, allowing her to be a better wife, Mom, and friend. She has developed gratitude and joy for the practice of yoga and greatly appreciates the positive changes it has brought into her life. Through teaching, she hopes to share pathways and experiences so that you, too, can enjoy your yoga journey. Cathy has been married to her husband Curt for 19 years. They moved to Missouri ten years ago from California. They have two sons, Colton (18) and Conner (14) and two wonderful large dogs.

Stacey Halfmann

Stacey Halfmann's passion for fitness started when she joined a gym at 16. The tennis coach of the high school wanted them to be working out in the off season. She started taking a class called Jazzercise and fell in love with it instantly. She loved the instructor's enthusiasm and how she made everyone feel! When she moved to Kansas city from Iowa, she joined Mademoiselle to stay in shape and to make friends. It is there where she started teaching aerobics. That was a long time ago! She came into yoga about 15 years ago when one of the gyms she was teaching aerobics at was needing a yoga instructor. She took it as a challenge to learn something new. Stacey didn't realize how yoga would change her life. As she learned about how each yoga pose works on the body, she became more in tune with herself. Stacey discovered her strengths and weaknesses on and off the mat. To Stacey, yoga is accepting yourself wherever you are at. Everyone is good enough. Stacey tries to share that with everyone she comes in contact with! She has been teaching fitness classes for about 30 years. She has been ACE and AFAA certified. She has a Pilates certification and has been to many workshops and classes on yoga to beecome a better instructor. She is married to her soul mate and has 6 children between them and 4 grand children. Stacey loves what she does for a living, inspiring others to be the best they can be!

Britten Bolenbaugh

Britten Bolenbaugh has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga and Modern Mat Pilates for over 10 years. She has certifications and continuous training in both allowing her to bring the benefits of these practices to all practitioners - from beginners to advanced. Britten shares the physical and mental aspect of each practice, with the breath as the foundation, to find a balance accessible to all practitioners. Britten trains and teaches daily and conducts varying workshops throughout the year, including the Mala Yoga 108, to bring the benefits of Yoga and Pilates to as many practitioners as possible. She has personally benefitted from both practices increasing her strength, decreasing her stress, and managing as well as eliminating physical pain, and now wants to share these benefits with as many as possible.

Sugar Geib

Sugar is a Certified FXP® Fitness Hula Hoop® Teacher/Trainer. She discovered this amazing company in October 2015 and thought why not check it out! She couldn't waist hoop to save the world but there is so much more to this awesome class. Sugar was featured in the Trainer Spotlight in January with her amazing results and was then featured on Hollywood Today Live! Each month she does monthly blogs to share her progress. Here is a class where you can get reacquainted with your inner child while having fun, is sure to get you smiling and loving fitness. Best part is anyone can do it!! FXP® Fitness classes offer a unique blend of pilates, bar, and yoga inspired moves using a Hula Hoop®. Join her for an hour of HoopFit!

Liz Denny

Liz Denny is a 500 E-RYT and a Certified Master Barre Instructor. She has been teaching yoga and barre classes in Las Vegas for the past 8 years. She recently moved to MO and is eager to share her passion of heath and wellness with the women in her new community. Liz is married and is planning to have a family very soon. She loves yoga, barre, reading,& writing, and spending time with her bulldogs.