Tonya Jensen

Tonya Jensen has been to some dark places during her journey through motherhood. She had years where she wanted to run away and let someone else come in and take care of her family. She had given up hope. Her light was so dim it almost seemed burned out. But it wasn’t quite. One day something in her changed. She decided she could no longer live on the light of others, trying to make it her own. So she started taking care of herself. Little by little her light rekindled. She is her top priority. She connects daily with God. She fights for truth in a world that so easily distracts us from it. From her experiences in motherhood, her company, The Life Midwife, was born. The Life Midwife is a safe place for mothers to land, connect, be seen and heard. You can find out more about Tonya and the resources she has for mothers here:

Tonya lives in Grain Valley, MO with her husband and 5 children. She was trained in Body Talk in 2013 and has helped many clients realize their true potential and release emotions and stories that were no longer serving them. She is a life long student of life with no graduation date in sight.